Dr. Ahmad Ejaz Bsc(Homoeopathy)

Homoeopathic Dr. Ahmed Ejaz is an internationally known Homoeopathic doctor and social worker from Pakistan. He travels the world lecturing on homeopathy and treating difficult cases. Some areas of his expertise are Cardiac Disease, Infertility, Depression, Cancer, Uterine Fibroids, poly cystic ovaries, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Arthritis, CLD, Psycho and Mantel Disorder, GIT, Kidney and Urinary Bladder, Paralyses and Diabetes etc. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Bsc (Homoeopathy), Abbottabad, Pakistan, R.H.M.P National Council for Homoeopathy Govt of Pakistan Awarded for work in classical Homoeopathy from National Council for Homoeopathy Govt of Pakistan and MBA (Marketing Management) AIOU, Islamabad. EXPERIENCE

  • Worked in CHAS. A. MENDOZA Karachi . (Based at Abbottabad as a T.P.O from 23/07/2002 to 30-07-2008)
  • Worked in SHAIGAN Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited. (Based at Abbottabad as a S.P.O from 01/01/2002 to22/07/2002)
  • Worked in MULLER & PHIPPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited. (Based in Abbottabad as a SPO from 05/07/2001 to 05/10/2001)
  • Worked in Geofman Pharmaceutical Karachi (Based in Abbottabad as a S.P.O from 15/10/1999 to 05/07/2001)
  • Worked in Pakistan Pharmaceutical Product (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi . (Associates of Arco S.A. Switzerland From 15/10/1998 to 05/10/1999)
  • Established a “SIMILIA HOMOEO CLINIX” (Clinic for Classical Homoeopathy) Abbottabad.
  • Lecturer “Organon of Medicine”and Materia Medica in different Homoeopathic Medical Colleges of Pakistan.
  • Member Eilaf Club of Abbottabad.
  • President Rotaract Club of Abbottabad.
  • President & Founder Similia Health & Educational Society Abbottabad
  • Attended an international conference for the promotion & management of medicine at Abudabi (UAE) 2007.
  • Attended an international conference for the promotion & management of medicine at Phukat (Thailand) 2006.
  • Attended an international conference for the promotion & management of medicine at Bangkok (Thailand) 2004.
  • Attended an international conference for the promotion & management of medicine at Dubai (UAE) 2003.
  • Received “National Homoeopathic Award” awarded by NCH (Govt. of Pakistan) on best performance in clinical Homeopathy, on 10th of March 2006.
  • Received a best Lecturer award on 250th “HAHNEMANN DAY” 15th April 2005 HAVELIAN HMC HAVELIAN.
  • Participation in the DISTRICT FELLOWSHIP YOUTH CONFERENCE at PC Hotel Abbottabad in 2002- 2003.
  • Obtained certificate of accomplishment from SHAIGAN Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Limited in Jan 2002.
  • Attended 21st ROTARACT DISTRICT CONFERENCE 2001-2002 at Shifang Hotel Murree.
  • Completed HIV/AIDS Aur Hamari Sehat training program by UNICEF in November2000.
  • Attended annual sales conference & training session organized by GEOFMAN Pharmaceutical Karachi at PC Hotel Rawalpindi in March 2000.
  • Civil Defense basic sectional training (medical) course in Feb1996.
  • A Certificate of National Polio Eradication Campaign 1995-96.
IMPORTANT PAPERS PRESENTED Tuberculosis,Infertility (Male and Female),Depression, Sexual Transmitted Diseasesand Cancer ki surgery naheen sirf Homoeopathic Eilaj.

Clinic 17,18,22 & 23.China Centre, the Mall Abbottabad
Clinic Timings 9:00 am to 8:00 Pm FRIDAY OFF

Contact Information Tel: 0092-992-340044

Fax: 0092-992-340003

Cell: 0092-333-8001011

P.O. Box # 137, Abbottabad 22010




03.MISSION STATEMENT We offer an exceptionally high standard of homeopathic treatment and patient care to help acute and chronic complaints in adults and children and support a healthy lifestyle for people from all walks of life.
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