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Similia Clinix is one of the leading homeopathy clinics in Pakistan. Similia Clinix offers homeopathic treatment for all diseases and the services of the seasoned husband-wife duo
Dr. Ahmed Ejaz & Dr. Nadia Ahmed. Similia Clinix was established in 1999 with the collaboration of SHES (Similia Health & Educational Society) and human experienced of 50 years was shared. Now Similia Clinix is in 23 years of existence, we thankful almighty Allah that we have been able to consistently deliver the best to our patients and insh Allah shall continue to do so in future.
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Similia Homoeopathic Clinic

SIMILIA is a German word, which literally means ‘similar’. Dr. Ahmed Ejaz’s Similia Homoe Clinix is one of the largest homeopathic clinics in Pakistan. An ultramodern setup with plush interiors, modern computers, laptops, latest medical software, digital camcorders, security systems, automation, Wi-Fi and much more. And within all this, there is a feeling of open space, peace and serenity.

The center focuses on working with patients to restore their health. The initial consultation can last anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hours, depending upon the nature of the case. The treatment is done using the standard protocols of classical homeopathy. The latest dispensing methods like liquid solutions of centesimal scale and LM potencies are preferred for most patients, as our experience shows that they give better results than conventional dry pills.

Dr. Ahmed Ejaz and Dr. Nadia Ahmed are available at his clinic in morning and evening hours.

Consultations for chronic cases are by prior appointment only. For appointments, please fill the contact form.

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Similia Homoeo Clinix Approved By the Health Care Commision And National Council for Homoeopathy.

Specialised Homoeo Treatment For All Types Of Chronic Dieases

  • A Permanent Curative System
  • Treatment Without Surgery
  • No Chemical Contents
  • No Side Effects

Treatment For All The Ages And Both The Sexes.

  • Homoeopathy (Classical)
  • Mental Health Support System
  • Mindfulness Based Counseling
  • Bio-Chemic Medicines
  • Bach Flower Remedies

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Special Treatment to repair the Pancreas to eradicate Diabetes.

Special Treatment for weight loss monthly loss 5-10kg

Treatment of Cancer tumor

Eradication of Diabetes


Sexual Dysfunction

Infertility & Importance


Skin Problems


Neurasthenic, Insomnia


Stiff Neck & Freezing Shoulder

Headache & Migraine

Autism, Brain Paralysis

Ulcer, Gastric etc

Prostatitis & Prostate enlarge

Heart Problem

Hypertension & Hyperlipidemia

Hair fall, Backing Grey Hair


Disk Hernia