Psychologist & Homoeopath & Life Coach

M.Sc (Clinical Psychology), BHMS, DHMS, RHMP (PAK)        
Hypnotherapist, Freelancer, Creative Writer & Author 
Medical Director of  Similia Homoeo Clinix™ & Rite Institute Of Mind Sciences™

Dr. Nadia Ahmed is an internationally well known Homoeopath , Psychologist and social worker from Pakistan. Some areas of her expertise are all kinds of GYNAE problems, Female infertility, depression, uterine fibroids, poly cystic ovaries, hysteria, skin problems, arthritis, CLD, gall stones, psycho and mantel disorder, GIT, kidney and urinary bladder, paralyses and diabetes etc.

BHMS(Homoeopathy), Abbottabad, Pakistan, R.H.M.P National Council for Homoeopathy Govt of Pakistan Awarded for work in classical Homoeopathy from National Council for Homoeopathy Govt of Pakistan .

Her Thesis on BHMS is “The role of LM Potencies  and thesis in M.Sc Psychology “ Hypnotherapy ”

She is the President of the Similia Health and Educational Society and Medical Director of Rite Pharmacy & Similia Homoeo Clinix.

Dr. Nadia Ahmed is also certified in

 Freelancing, Digital Marketing , E. Commerce  Management  & Creative Writing

Dr. Nadia Ahmed also formal President & Member Rotary Club in Abbottabad

She wrote book on Homoeopathy “Rite Healing” (for concept of Health & Disease) along with her husband Dr. Ahmed Ejaz. She has also brought out several lectures about women’s Health, Life Coaching & Psychology in alliance with Dr. Ahmed Ejaz, etc.

He is also regarded as role model and best author and writer of Homoeopathy.