For ONLINE Consultation with Similia Homoeo Clinix, Abbottabad, Pakistan

Please carefully read all the “Terms and Conditions” listed on this page before you go to the Treatment Questionnaire.
General Points:
  1. Your online consultation with Similia Homoeo Clinix, Abbottabad, Pakistan shall be purely voluntary, by your own free will.
  2. We offer homeopathic consultation based on our knowledge and understanding of Homeopathy and treat our patients with utmost care and to the best of our ability but we cannot guarantee the cure of your condition. If somehow you are not cured, please do not blame us because the cure comes from God not a doctor.
  3. Homeopathic medicines do not have any known harmful side effects. Yet, if you feel anything abnormality during medication, you will report such new condition to us immediately. In case of emergency, you agree to consult your regular/family medical practitioner.
  4. We provide medicine only when you decide to receive treatment from us.
  5. Similia Homoeo Clinix has been treating patients from Pakistan and many countries around the Globe since 1999. Our Online homeopathy treatment offers a great support to patients from Pakistan and around the world, which are looking for High Quality Classical homeopathic treatment.

What is online homeopathic treatment?

Online Homeopathy treatment means that the patient is delivered treatment right at his door step, anywhere in the world.

How can the homeopathy treatment be done even without seeing the patient?

Modern day facilities like email, sending pictures and audio & video chat are a great help in completely overcoming this hurdle.


Online Homeopathy treatment for Patients within Pakistan

 The procedure to start the treatment is very simple.

Step 1-Contact us through phone call, what’s App or Email and discuss your case briefly with Dr. Ahmed Ejaz & Dr. Nadia Ahmed

Step 2- After your payment is received, another detailed Questioner send to you (if required) for further information will be email to you or you will receive a call from Pakistan.

Step 3- Email back the filled -up case form within the next 2-3 days. If more information is required, you will receive a call/email from Similia Homoeo Clinix discussing the issue.

Step 4- The medicines send to you at your address within 48 hours /2 working days.


It is not possible for us to check and work according to legal status of homeopathy in every country. Before you contact us for online consultation, please be sure that seeking/receiving homeopathic treatment through Internet would be legally right for you. It shall be solely on voluntary basis and your own decision. You shall not hold us liable on this account for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or any other damages that may result from your online consultation with Similia Homoeo Clinix, Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Homeopathic Treatment Questionnaire

Before answering the questions, please read the guidelines given below

Information provided by you in the Questionnaire will keep strictly confidential. Therefore, please feel free to write whatever you wish to
Details and Accuracy

Due to obvious nature of Internet, it is not possible to physically examine the online patients. The details are obtained through a carefully designed questionnaire. Please fill out all the relevant columns, give maximum details and try to be as accurate as possible. Your prescription will be based on your answers. Give exact values where possible, especially where required. Avoid being brief unnecessarily.
– Whatever is your answer, please reply all questions.
– Do not leave anything unanswered. Incomplete Forms are not responded.
– If you need any clarification, you are welcome to ask.

At times a person may have such symptoms which in his/her opinion, are not relevant or look funny/unbelievable to others. We never grade any symptom as irrelevant, funny or unbelievable. Therefore, please write what you exactly feel. If you feel any discomfort to answering the questionnaire, you are welcome to contact us.