An enterprise electronic archive (EIA) is an electronic archive that holds a company’s documents in an centralized location. It helps reduce expenses and boost productivity by storing all company information in one location. It lets employees access the information quickly and speed up the process of work.

Paper is a common method for businesses to keep their documents. But it’s not only expensive, but it’s also harmful for the environment. Paper isn’t as secure and safe as digital files. Cloud storage solutions and EIA have helped solve many issues related compliance and storage of documentation.

A well-designed EIA can help businesses to comply with the regulations imposed on them by various data regulations pertaining to digital files, communications and Personal Identifiable Information. It can also help to mitigate risks of potential lawsuits from suppliers, vendors, clients, other businesses and more.

A good EIA solution should also offer an array of deployment options that are tailored to the requirements of the business. Large enterprises may prefer on-premise deployment, while small and medium-sized businesses might choose a solution that is hosted. It is possible to scale up as the company grows. It should also provide the flexibility to control access for various kinds of users, like regular employees Legal and compliance teams and IT personnel. It is also possible for users to create and modify roles, as and the permissions associated with them.

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